April 13, 2013

Shock Stock - Day One: Video Dating, Troma, and Wally Burgers

Taking our cue from the wet and chilly weather, the Horror in the Hammer team decided to spend most of yesterday at Shock Stock just chilling out, soaking up the vibrant atmosphere, and re-connecting with our favorite friends in the horror biz.

We rolled into London, Ontario Shock Stock shortly after Centennial Hall opened for business. We were lucky enough to have reserved a room at the Station Park Hotel where current and past guests of Shock Stock also stay. You're bound to run into somebody. Within a few minutes of arriving, Horror in the Hammer members had a brief encounter with Naomi Grossman who plays Pepper on American Horror Story: Asylum in the lobby. You can't leave the hotel without also being reminded off all the fabulous guests of past Shock Stocks who have graced these halls.

The hotel's wall of autographed photos from Shock Stock guests like Kane Hodder, Sal Lizard, and Dyanne Thorne
Once we got set up, we walked up to Centennial Hall to pick up our badges and tickets. The first thing that struck me about Shock Stock this year was what appeared to be an increase in vendors. This year, there's a really nice mix of artists such as Zombie Portrait master Rob Sachetto; creepy creators, such as The Gift Crypt which vends everything from brain chocolates to classic monster candles; and of course plenty of vintage horror posters and VHS. We promptly lost Fright Night Theatre host Jay Winger to the overwhelming draw and musty smell of the VHS. Jay was later spotted making a scene by rubbing his newly-acquired VHS of Freaked all over himself. Especially the nipples.

To help Jay release some of his VHS lust, we took him over to Vicky Vinegar's video dating booth. That's right: Shock Stock is resurrecting the lost art of VHS video dating. You too can record your video dating profile in hopes of attracting a VHS-collecting, B-movie bombshell for yourself. Vicky Vinegar will be recording video profiles all weekend and then they'll go up on Youtube. Go check her out across from the Night of the Living Dead Live booth!

Jay Winger puts on the charm: "I like women." No shit, dude.
My next stop was to visit the Troma booth and fill a much needed hole in my collection by finally picking up Astron-6's amazing cult film Father's Day. We were greeted by none other tan the Toxic Avenger himself who invited us to stick our hands into his "Dirty Tox Box." Who could resist that? Of course, no Troma experience would be complete until Toxie berated you for not spending enough money at the table. Oh, Troma. You rascals.

Laurel digs deep into Toxie's Dirty Tox Box. Both needed a smoke afterwards.
After picking through the VHS and doing more meeting and greeting, we worked up quite an appetite so we took a brief break from Shock Stock to walk across Victoria Park to get some grub at the famous Prince Albert's diner: home of the Wally Burger. The Wally Burger is a hamburger topped with bacon and peanut butter. Looks pretty good.

 More Shock Stock coverage to come as we continue day two of Canada's Filthiest Horror Convention