April 26, 2013

The Mail Order Zombie Podcast Releases Its Final Episode

Today marks a sad day for zombie podcasting. Mail Order Zombie, a giant of the zombie podcasting community, has come to an end. Today, episode #205 of Mail Order Zombie was released, marking the show's final episode after a five year run.

Hosted by Derek M. Koch (aka. Brother D) and co-hosted by his wife Brenda, Mail Order Zombie debuted in January 2008. Initially conceived to cover direct-to-video zombie movies available through the mail by services such as Netflix, Mail Order Zombie soon grew to include all manner of zombie media including video games, theatrical films, and post-apocalyptic novels. Most famously, the show attracted a good-hearted community of fans affectionately known as the "MOZ family" who interacted with each other on the show and even contributed content to Mail Order Zombie. Such long-time MOZ regulars include Scott and Tracey of the Disney Indiana podcast and Wayne Kotke of Dead2Rights

As a fan and past contributor, The Zed Word bids MOZ a fond farewell and a big bucket of win for its astounding run as the leading zombie-news, interview, and review podcast. Thank you for teaching us how to stay loose and stay safe.