April 13, 2013

We're All Lucky! THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW @ Shock Stock

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, even 38 years after its release, is still an amazing fan experience. As Shock Stock proved last night at its screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, seeing it with fans who know all the response lines and have all the props is almost a religious exercise.

Jay Winger picks up some Tran-sexual Transylvanians (Photo: Darrell Marsh)
Last night, Horror in the Hammer stocked up on rice, water guns, and newspapers and made our way to the Rainbow Cinemas for The Rocky Horror Picture Show with a performance by Excited Mental State: Toronto's Rocky Horror Shadowcast. Not only that, but Shock Stock guest Patricia Quinn (Magenta) was on hand to introduce the film with a Q&A.

What to say about the Q&A? Well, Patricia Quinn certainly lives up to her reputation as a drama diva, I guess. I'd be lying if I didn't report that the Q&A was a little awkward. Sometimes Quinn would latch onto some questions and give long, meandering answers. Other times, if the questions didn't please her, she'd just shut down the questions with a simple "Yes" or "No" answer. More than one excited audience member was shamed into sitting down, unfortunately  It was like seeing Bruce Campbell take jabs at his audience without the tongue-in-cheek cattiness fans love. But, sometimes, the sardonic and charming Quinn that fans love would come out and land some funny barbs that got the audience cheering rather than cringing.

The screening, however, was a riot! With the Toronto Shadowcast members there to shout back at the screen and perform the film up and down the aisles of the theatre (even leaping into the rows from time to time with their bare asses mere inches from our faces), we did our part to make sure this screening had showers of rice and plenty of rain, courtesy of our ray-gun shaped squirt guns. Vagrancy Films, which helps organize Shock Stock, is known for its raucous audience participation, so it was great to see the ultimate fan-participation movie get a quasi-Vagrancy treatment.

You can meet Patricia Quinn in the flesh today and tomorrow at SHOCK STOCK