May 8, 2013

Shock Stock Hostage Crisis: Joel M. Reed Announces Sleazy New Movie

Last month, Joel M. Reed (director of Bloodsucking Freaks) took Shock Stock hostage to announce new sleaze film SNIFF

On Saturday, April 13th at Shock Stock 2013 in London, Ontario, attendees at the Q&A with Naomi Grossman (who played Pepper in American Horror Story: Asylum) found themselves confined against their will when Grossman's Q&A was interrupted by legendary sleaze director Joel M. Reed and experimental filmmaker Michael MagGot. Leading the way with a bullhorn, Shock Stock co-organizer Jake Grimbro unleashed Reed and MagGot upon the crowd and barred the exit while Reed and MagGot stormed the stage to announce that they will be collaborating on a new film called Sniff, which Reed calls "the most disgusting picture we could make."

Ryan O'Neil, Michael MagGot, Joel M. Reed, and Jesus MagGot give their putrid pitch
Sniff -- if it ever gets made -- will be directed by Michael MaGot from a script and concept by Reed. Inspired by the Victorian architecture of London, Ontario where Shock Stock took place, Reed claims to be interested in setting the film in London and shooting in the city. Horror in the Hammer sat down to talk with Reed to talk about Sniff, and he essentially outlined the entire plot of the film for us, but here's what you need to know without getting too deep into the dirty details:

Sniff is about an affluent asshole who hates to pay for anything, even sex. After becoming dissatisfied by frequenting even the cheapest of prostitutes, he discovers that gay men will pay him for sex. However, because he has such a rotten personality, he rubs the gay community the wrong way and they beat the shit out of him. After his beating, this disgusting excuse for a human being discovers that his olfactory senses have increased to the point that he can smell it when someone farts across the street. He develops a new pleasure in perverse scents and disgusting odors. After creeping around men's rooms in search of new and forbidden smells, he eventually finds himself recruited by a group called SNIFF, a secret society of olfactory freaks. They want him to help them find a fabled anus, the greatest asshole in the world -- a butthole called "Vesuvius."

Jake Grimbro prevents us from fleeing Joel M. Reed's putrid film pitch
Clearly the man who brought us Bloodsucking Freaks hasn't lost his touch for the ridiculously disgusting. Teaming up with Michael MagGot, how has made a name for himself through Maggot Films with mind-bending experimental films like And Then I Helped and sickening exploitation sleaze, Reed seemed genuinely excited by the idea of filming Sniff in London, Ontario. If the project gets off the ground, this will be Reed's first film script since 1981's Night of the Zombies.

Stay tuned as I pick through my notes and interviews from last month for more TALES FROM SHOCK STOCK.