June 12, 2013

Flesh Roxon's Horror VHS-Inspired Music Video

I got an email the other day introducing me to the work of the horror-themed band FLESH ROXON. 

What caught my attention right away about this Finnish trio of punk rock and rollers was their clear enthusiasm for horror flicks and B-movies, especially zombie movies. Take for instance the music video for the track "Lonely Rider," which looks like it was ripped right of a greasy, sleazy old VHS tape.

Featuring zombies and some pretty obvious references to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Flesh Roxon's "Lonely Rider" video is a loving slice of horror cheese and gratuitous violence.

"Lonely Rider" can be found on the debut Flesh Roxon album FLESH TO THE BONE as well as other horror-themed tracks like "Back from Your Grave," "Treehouse of Horror," and "Suck My Chainsaw"

For more, check'em out at fleshroxon.com