June 20, 2013

The Hipster Zombie is Here

Well, it's finally happened. Even zombies have gone hipster now, at least in this new costume from FancyDressCostumes.co.uk.

Being dead is now ironic thanks to the Hipster Zombie. From its obnoxious bucket hat, unkempt beard, and general hobo attire, everything about this zombie costume reeks of hipster insincerity. In other words, it's dead-on.
This outfit includes a tartan jacket with attached white shirt complete with attached green bow tie and brown braces and a detachable brown belt with golden buckle. Tattered effect green trousers complete the clothing of this costume. Also included in this outfit is a fake beard, zombie makeup kit including scar wax, purple and green facepaint, black and white makeup sticks, fake rubber teeth and fake blood with a sponge. Other accessories are black and white facepaint, a fake broken bone, geek specs, more fake blood and a trilby style hat.

The only thing missing from this rotting douchebag is a can of PBR (Pabst Brain Rot).