June 7, 2013

Vanity Fair Chronicles the Mayhem Behind the Making of WORLD WAR Z

WORLD WAR Z: Vanity Fair Looks at the Messy Making of the Most Overpriced Zombie Movie Ever Made

We all know that the making of World War Z has been a special kind of hell for everyone involved. Directors have left. Scripts have been drafted, shot, and then thrown away, and then reshot. By all accounts, it's been a nightmare. With the film set to open June 21st, Vanity Fair recently published an intriguing article that goes behind the scenes of the beleaguered action franchise-in-the-making. Here's my favorite quote:
From the start, Forster’s approach to the material clashed with Straczynski’s. “Marc wanted to make a big, huge action movie that wasn’t terribly smart and had big, huge action pieces in it,” said Stra czynski. “If all you wanted to do was an empty-headed Rambo-versus-the-zombies action film, why option this really elegant, smart book?”
My thoughts exactly, Straczynski. My thoughts exactly.