November 13, 2013

DEAD RUSH to Premiere at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival

Ever wanted to experience what it might feel like to fight for you life during the zombie apocalypse? Unless you have access to a canister of Trioxin or a vial of T-virus, the next best thing is the new short film from director Zachary Ramelan: DEAD RUSH

In Dead Rush, director Zach Ramelan (The Amazing Basement, Hooked) thrusts the audience's POV into a pulse-pounding and perilous apocalyptic scenario. Shot from the point of view of a single survivor, you experience the horror of waking up in the middle of a zombie uprising and fighting up close with the undead for your very survival. And you can experience it for yourself on the big screen when Dead Rush has its World Premiere at the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival on Saturday, November 30th.   

Without pretense, Dead Rush drops you right into the action. If you find AMC's The Walking Dead too slow, you're going to love the adrenaline-racing pace of Dead RushDead Rush takes you on a whirlwind tour of traditional zombie movie moments and locations. It's a high-speed "best of" compilation of the zombie movie moments. There's the abandoned farm house. The infected friend. The use of blunt everyday objects to bash in the heads of marauding ghouls. Yup, it's all there and shot like a first-person video game or haunted house-inspired nightmare.

Also, where Dead Rush differs from other POV films like, say, found footage films is that Dead Rush feels truly kinetic, visceral, and immediately engrossing. You're never wondering, "Why didn't he put down the camera when shit hit the fan?" That's because there is no camera! You are the character's eyes, and what horrors you'll see. As such, the tension and the thrills are more direct: the thought of your family and friends suddenly swarming you in an attempt to rip open your guts with their bare teeth before your very eyes becomes that much more immediate. 

Don't miss your chance to see one of Canada's best up-and-coming genre directors in action. Get your advance tickets for DEAD RUSH at the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival website. Blood in the Snow runs November 29th through December 1st.

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