December 4, 2013

Zombie Dance Party in New Music Video

Maybe zombies are misunderstood. What if they don't really want to eat you? What if they'd rather dance?

For the single "Only One," the John Butler Trio has released a music video featuring some very impressive zombie makeup effects. While the song -- which features cascading acoustic riffs and an inspirational melody -- may seem incongruous for scenes depicting a grisly zombie apocalypse, I think you'll agree it makes for a tender and surprising twist.

Only One is one of those ‘turn around” songs. The idea of a Zombie love story came to me a while ago. I wanted the song and video almost to be juxtaposed but still somehow have an element of love….and humour. I think we made a seriously cool and funny video. I love it. Even if I do look dead!” – JOHN BUTLER

"Only One" is the first single from JBT's new album Flesh & Blood, which drops in February, 2014.