April 8, 2017

So long and thanks for all the Brains!

This post is fairly long overdue, but after three years of inactivity I think it's finally same to say that The Zed Word: Zombie Blog is dead and finally buried.

In 2008, I started The Zed Word to share my love of the zombie genre. I was two years out of University with a lot of time to kill, and the zombie pop-culture craze was just about to explode. I had recently re-discovered my love of George A. Romero's original zombie series and was beginning to explore the extent to which the Romero zombie archetype had influenced horror culture.  This lead me to becoming a follower and occasional contributor of Derek Koch's Mail Order Zombie podcast, which directly inspired me to create my own online outlet to express my love of zombies.

Operating The Zed Word was always meant to be hobby, but I could not have anticipated the way it would shape my life. From giving me the opportunity to meet wonderful zombie movie celebrities and creators as well as attend such great events as the annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival, The Zed Word was a way of getting my foot into the door of communities and events that I adored. I never made any real money off The Zed Word, but the experiences and friendships that resulted were invaluable.

So why close up The Zed Word? I think I've said all that I wanted to say about zombies and the zombie genre. Even before the over-saturation of zombies in the media propelled by The Walking Dead's popularity, I knew that it was time to move on. Lately, my efforts have been focused on my family, my day job, and the always involved process of running the annual Hexploitation Film Festival. After so many years devoted to writing and discussing the works of others, I think it's finally time I try creating something of my own.

To all of you who have enjoyed The Zed Word over the years or contributed to this little space of zombie love on the internet, I want to thank you for taking the journey with me. The website will remain up as I archive and move my reviews and original content to other places, but like all things, it's already starting to show some decay.

So long long, and thanks for all the brains. It's been fun.